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A timeless design with clean lines

ARVO is a tuxedo shirt, in its most minimalist, timeless expression. ARVO is inspired by the men’s wardrobe. It features fine, well-thought-out details: the proportions of the bib, their rounding that echoes the rounded slits on the side, as well as a back that is longer than the front.

ARVO is a loose-fitting shirt – but not oversized – that is slightly fitted at the waist. You will find two lengths :

  • Small hips length : easy to tuck into a pair of trousers or a skirt
  • Full hips length : for those days when you want to cover up and remain elegant

You could turn ARVO into a dress thanks to the instructions provided. Three collar variations are offered : a wing collar, a banded collar, and a rounded collar.

I will guide you step by step during the sewing process of this shirt and its beautiful finishings. In addition to the instructions, a step-by-step video designed as a sewing course is available.

PDF sewing pattern in A4/US LETTER and A0 format with fully illustrated instructions and video tutorial.
Tutorial video with English subtitles

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What you will get

  • The full size PDF pattern from sizes 34 to 48 (US sizes from 2 to 16) - seam allowances are included (A0 and A4/ US Letter)
    • A4/US letter format : 32 pages
    • A0 format: 2 pages
    • Each size is in a different layer, making the pattern clearer and more readable
  • A fully illustrated booklet describing all the steps to sew your garment
  • A concise and accessible guide to making simple adjustments
  • A video course available with the purchase of the pattern. The video is more than just a tutorial. You will find a clear demo of each step and professional techniques. I want to show you what I learnt while I was working in a Parisian workshop of a "grande maison".

Online video course with Ose Patterns

Features of the pattern

Design and style

ARVO is a tuxedo shirt, in its most minimalist, timeless expression. The shirt version is buttoned from top to bottom. The blouse version is buttoned from the top to the waist, with a bias tape finishing.

ARVO is a comfortable loose-fitting - but not oversized - shirt to wear. Two lengths are offered, one reaching the small hips, and the other reaching the full hips. You could turn ARVO into a dress thanks to the instructions provided. Three collar variations are offered :

  • A wing collar for special occasions (or not, for that matter 😎)
  • A banded collar, for a casual style
  • A round collar, with a retro feel

Have you noticed the side slits ? And the back that is slightly longer than the front ?

Sewing techniques

Difficulty : intermediate, you have already sewed some projects.

Each technique is not difficult in itself. I break down the project into accessible steps, either through the illustrations or the video course. So if you want to get started, you are in the right place.

I wanted delicate finishings for this elegant shirt : French seams only and no visible seams.

You will learn techniques that will be valuable for all your future sewing projects :
the seamless assembly of the front and back, the assembly of the collar, the French seams, the rounded hem, the shirt sleeves... all with great methodology, clear instructions and precision !


I have your back

If you get started

Congratulations 🎉 and welcome to the sewing world ! I've got you covered :

  • A generously illustrated step-by-step booklet (and I am not joking)
  • A glossary 🔤 of sewing terms (only in French)
  • A complete video course that is not too long and well shot (in HD!): it is included in the purchase and only for people who bought the pattern.

My clients often describe Ose Patterns' instructions as "easy to follow", "high quality" and "very well explained" :

Ose Patterns - Feedback from clients

For experienced sewers

ARVO is a sewing project with neat finishings : you will find French seams everywhere, including the armhole. The front and the back yoke are assembled without any visible seam. I offer a beautiful finishing for the rounded hem. My experience in a fashion house taught me how to work in a methodical way. I hope that you will learn new techniques and that you will enjoy your sewing time !

💓 If you liked the STEVEN trousers, you will be delighted with ARVO.

Fabric and supplies

Fabric requirements

10 cm / 4’’ allowance is added to the main fabric requirement calculation.
The blouse is shorter than the shirt.

Fabric requirements

Suggested fabrics

  • Lightweight fabrics : cotton, silk, tencel, viscose.
  • You can cut the collar, bib, back yoke and cuffs in a different fabric to pass your scraps and create a graphic result.
  • You can check out some inspirations in the booklet, on Ose Patterns' Pinterest account and on Instagram with the hashtag #OseArvo.


  • Fabric and interfacing
  • Thread
  • Shirt version : 13 buttons diameter 12 mm
  • Blouse version : 10 buttons diameter 12 mm
  • Blouse version : 1 meter of a 3 cm wide bias (unfolded). If you have a bias tape with a larger width, you will just have to remove the excess.


Sizes and measurements of the final garment

Size chart

The pattern is drafted for a height of 168 cm / 5’6’’.

Ose Patterns size chart

Measurements of the finished garment

  • The finished measurements will help you to refine your choice of size according to your preferences (looser or tighter). Feel free to compare with another garment in your wardrobe.
  • My bust measurement is 88 cm / 34 5/8'' and the samples I am wearing are size 38 (ease of 19,8 cm / 7 3/4'').
  • You will find more measurements in the instructions.

Measurements of the finished garment ARVO


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