The history of Ose Patterns

OSE PATTERNS - entre vos mains

“Ose” comes from the French verb “Oser” which means “to be bold”. We believe that sewing is a super power and that women are superheroes.

With our sewing patterns, we want to inspire women to be bold.

When you sew a beautiful garment with your hands, you discover your own skills and talents. You feel proud, capable, confident and beautiful from the inside out.

And what if we became bolder in other areas of our lives?

The founder

OSE Patterns - La fondatrice

I am Monty, the founder of Ose Patterns.

I have always had feelings of unworthiness and lack of self-esteem. I felt these feelings inside but I also wore them on the outside. My clothes were a way for me to hide.

Learning to sew helped me to open up. I realized that I was capable of doing amazing things. I learned to believe in myself.

Now, I want to go further by being bolder in other areas of my life. I wanted sewing to be at the core of my entrepreneurial project. That is how Ose Patterns was born. To me, Ose Patterns means :

  • Daring to change my career
  • Daring to face everyday resistance and launch a business
  • Daring to be an example of what is possible when you dare to be bold

Beyond the sewing patterns, I want to give to others what sewing has given me : a wonderful tool for inner growth and creativity.

To help you feel proud, capable, confident and beautiful from the inside out.

To help you fulfill your dreams.


My journey

I discovered sewing in 2014. Sewing was a hobby. At that time I was working in a consulting firm.

Very quickly, I became passionate about the infinite possibilities provided by the architecture of a garment. I discovered indie sewing pattern designers and an enthusiastic community of sewers.

After the Paris attacks in 2015 I questioned my job and the life I was living. I allowed myself to dream. While still working by day, I would study by night, learning about sewing and patternmaking by myself or at evening classes.

I applied to several fashion schools and “maisons de mode”. In 2016, I entered the “Institut Français de la Mode” (IFM) to learn draping and patternmaking. I worked in a French “maison de mode” as a patternmaker assistant to learn alongside professionals. I graduated in 2018 after two enriching and intense years.

After graduation, I still hesitated, weighing the pros and the cons. I doubted. Every single day. But I took that step and dared.

In 2020, I created Ose Patterns. I talk about my journey (in French) as a new entrepreneur in the podcast “Ose Toujours” which means “Dare, always”. I also teach patternhacking online on the French platform Artesane.

Podcast couture Ose Patterns
Ose patterns - Technique moulage patrons couture

“When you wear a garment that you sew with your own hands, you feel proud and confident. That is the power of clothing and crafts(wo)manship.

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