Getting started

It is such a gratifying feeling to sew your own wardrobe. To help you sew, it is important to me to share tips and techniques in the detailed instructions that come with each pattern and in the step-by-step videos. Please check these resources : they will help you to get startedand to level up your sewng skills.

You just started sewing ? If you don’t know where to start, with not trying the KIM top ? The collar might seem difficult but it is not ! With the step-by-step instructions and the tutorial video you will be able to sew you first top.

What is a sewing pattern ?

Professional quality sewing patterns

Sewing patterns are a great way to start sewing and improve quickly, especially with Ose Patterns !

  • You only print your(s) size(s) so each pattern piece is clear and there is no overlapping between the pieces.
  • I explain you how to assemble the sheets in the instructions with extra tips so you don’t waste time.

If you are not familiar with print-at-home sewing patterns, please check this video (in French only)

Step-by-step video tutorials

You will find an example of a sew-along video (for PEMA dress). Every steps and techniques are shown and explained for you to successfully sew your garment. You have all information to sew and wear your garment !

Our videos are perfect for beginner sewists.

  • Contrasting color threads so you can see the seams easily
  • Key techniques are shown and explained.
  • Our videos are easy to follow ! The advice are all very helpful.

Do you want to see one ?
Check the Pema dressYouTube video !

Detailed instructions

Easy to follow explanations

The instructions were made for beginners. Each sewing pattern comes with all the explanations to help you to sew your garment.

In the booklet, you will find all the instructions, explanations and illustrations.

Ose Patterns - Step-by-step instructions

What are the materials used in sewing ?

OSE PATTERNS - Techniques and tips

Which sewing machine ? Which sewing tools ?

What budget ?

In this episode of my podcast, I describe the materials you need to get started.

If you want to know the budget before you start sewing you can download the list with the suggested materials (in French only) and their prices. Easy to use !

Tips to get started and level up your sewing skills

Ready to sew ?

Choose your pattern and start sewing with confidence

You just started sewing ? The Kim top is perfect for beginners !

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